Electrasy 3rd album wired for dreamingSitting in the back of a tour bus, watching amazing scenery & experiences unfold
and then blur into the past, you get to realise that the world is just a kaleidoscope of images which form for a moment then suddenly change

How then to make sense of it all except by freezing time for an instant, creating an image that suddenly takes you to another place and time?

From touring the UK and America in an indie/ rock band… tied to major record deals & seat belts; to the closer purity and cleanliness of creative photography… life has a strange way of steering us onto our true path

The band artwork & sporadic travel images became the training ground for my deeper creativity; in 2001 photography took over

Tuning-in now to a different kind of composition where a camera, perfect light and my mind are the instruments of choice

Photography means so much more than just taking pictures


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